Denim For Days


Denim is one of my all-time favourite fabrics, I wear some element of it in each outfit. Therefore I thought what better way to reintroduce myself to my little blog after three months than to talk about the fabric that makes the world go around.

It's funny how not so long ago double denim was almost taboo, if you saw someone wearing it they were branded a 'soccer mom'. Now however, street style queens the world over choose to rock the look on the daily.


Above are some pieces from ASOS and River Island that are perfect for taking denim to the next level in your wardrobe. There is so much more to life than Skinny Jeans!

The first 2 pieces are from ASOS and I think they would look fab styled together with the shirt under the pinafore. It's a very Alexa Chung inspired look and I think it would suit most body types. For Irish weather pop a pair of black tights and cute ankle boots on to keep cosy and on trend. My top tip for any double denim look, especially one like this is to make sure that the shades of denim are completely different. You don't want it to look like you tried and failed to get a perfectly matching colour so make sure you don a dark wash in one piece and a light wash in the other. 

As for the River Island pieces; this culottes and t-shirt look will be comfortable and wearable. You can dress it up or down but I would steer clear of too many accessories. For an evening look try a point toe heel, either a cool tan, or pop of colour like red or orange would work. For during the day go for a pair of clean cut, white trainers and a cute tote bag.

A Cosy Autumnal OOTD

Nothing beats strolling through Stephen's Green, sipping on a San Pel soft drink on an autumn day. Just look at those leaves, pure joy to witness. Here is a very casual autumnal 'outfit of the day' from me. Thanks to @NotesFromNiamh for the snaps {click that link to see her insta pics}. Cosy and casual is usually the order of the day for me on the weekend, especially while strolling around the city.


My favourite, plaid coat is from Penney's about 3 winters ago. Super cosy, and a great statement piece, I love it. Here is something similar from ASOS.

I've paired my statement coat with an old-faithful Ralph Lauren shirt from a trip to NYC when I was 16. Here is a H&M beaut that would rock the look instead. Wear it with the top 2 or 3 buttons undone for a casual 'just threw this on' effect.

As always on my comfy days I am wearing my River Island 'Molly' denims. They are comfy and flattering and just high-waisted enough. Grab a pair here. You wont regret it. 

For accessories I've gone for a leather-look backpack from Penney's. So much easier than lugging around a handbag. Here is one from Topshop that I LOVE. 

My shoes are an ASOS find thanks to my fab friend, Austeja. Grab them here while you can, they have dropped in price so I can't see them being online for too much longer! I love the patent rather than matte leather for finishing an outfit and making you look super polished.

RI X Zoë Jordan


Last night in River Island, Grafton Street, Zoë Jordan's collection for River Island was launched. There was a Q&A with Zoë and we got to hear about her inspirations for the collection as we shopped it. 


I think my favourite thing about Zoë Jordan was her idea of the kind of girl who wears her clothes. A girl with a "quiet confidence" and "strength". The clothes themselves are all very unique in their pattern and texture but extremely wearable in shape and cut. I tried on the cargo style pants and may have made a sneaky purchase as they are super comfy yet dressy enough to look like I tried - win, win situation.


In short, the collection is beautiful. Zoë gave a lot of her Studio collection to this too - all of these pieces would slot in with her studio collection perfectly on a London Fashion Week runway - so it's a great way to mix a little high-end designer in to your wardrobe.


I haven't shown the full collection in this post so make sure pop in to the Grafton Street store in Dublin to get hooked on RI X Zoë Jordan. 

For now I will leave you with a few pictures from the event last night.