60 Second Manicure

There are very few things in this world quite as satisfying as a fresh manicure, but not many of us can afford a fresh polish every week. So what if I told you that you could have a salon fresh polish in just 60 seconds and for merely a fraction of the cost?

I know y'all are liking the sound of that. 

Rimmel's 60 second polishes are by far my favourite formula of all home polishes. They are not quite as shiny as a shellac finish but they have great pigmentation so two layers will get you full coverage. They have SO MANY COLOURS to choose from too so there is no way that you could get bored. The best part though? They genuinely do dry in just 60 seconds per layer. You can slick your favourite shade on and head straight out the door if you're running late to an event!

As these polishes are by Rimmel they are such a good price too. It's something like €4.99 per polish if I'm not very much mistaken. 

The one I've shown in the image above is from the Rita Ora collection and it's called 'White Hot Love' I've been wearing this SO MUCH recently. I simply love it.