A Cookies & Milk Kinda Day

Hello poppets,  

So, over the last few days I've been feeling a little ill (*sniffle*). I just have a bit of a flu, nothing to worry about at all. Now I love being away at college and having all these new adventures but when you're feeling a little sickly you do start to miss the home comforts. There is nothing better than chilling at home with the blankets around you, having a glass of milk and a few cookies while flicking through your favorite magazine to make you feel better... which is what I spent the majority of my day doing - Oh the glamour of it all! 

I just wanted to share this little snippet of my day with you because I do think that it's important for us all to just take a seat and have a little relaxing 'me time'. Oh and by the way, this months issue of Company magazine is a good one... well it would have to be wouldn't it? - I mean c'mon, Lucy Hale is the cover girl. 

Well I'm going to go back and continue the horrific task of relaxing... someone's got to do it! So I'll chat to y'all later,  

Peace & love,