Antics Of A Long Weekend

This weekend, as we all know, was one of the greatest thing that life has to offer... A Bank Holiday, also known as a long weekend. 

I went to Conemara with my best friend and her family for a few days. Little walks, cuddling cute puppies, ice cold drinks, and a good ol' chuckle was the order of the few days. Also, we saw Craig Doyle and just so y'all know; he looks great with a beard! (Clearly this was a necessary addition to this post).

After a lovely time in the west we hit for Mullingar and as usual had a blast. Cocktails and free champaign in a bar called Bed (which is our fave place to go) and chats with our fave bouncer, and bar man made our night and we had a great birthday night out for Eve's 19th.

It took us all our energy to get out of bed and shower on Sunday morning, but we did it. We road tripped up to Dublin and got Sushi. Tani Sushi is ubelievably good and I have no words to describe how good I felt after the meal. A healthy sushi dinner gave us all the energy we needed to get ourselves glam-ed up and out to Copan for cocktails. Dancing, giggles, new friends, and chips soaked in salt and vinegar are the words that I would use to sum up the evening. 

I am now sitting on the train home typing up this post and laughing at some of the funny pics we took during the weekend. Being a working girl for the summer is really nice, but I have to say that I do relish the extra day off to get the most out of seeing my friends.