BBQ Beauty

Hey there guys, 

The sun has decided to poke out through the clouds recently (yes, you read that right sun.. in IRELAND) and with it splitting the stones over here barbecue season is well and truly underway. People up and down the country are breaking out the old garden benches and with all of these barbecues us poor girls are at a loss for what to wear. There is always the dilemma of it being roooasting hot when you get there but the evenings tend get a tad more cool just as the banter gets going. So what is a girl to do?

In my experience a summer dress is usually the way to go. It's a girly and fun way to dress but there is definitely the potential to jazz or punk it up a bit. I would tend to stay away from floral print myself as it is most likely that there will be someone else there 'stealing your style' (gggrrrr). Go for a block color dress, they are easy to style up or down and most of your accessories will work with a block color for sure. Perfect.

With all of this in mind I have put together a look that I think is perfect for an evening in the garden with friends.

My bbq ready outfit

My bbq ready outfit

This dress was €60 from 'Born' in Athlone town centre. I have styled it with an old denim jacket (you gotta roll up the sleeves for a cool, laid back look) . I personally LOVE to wear my battered old boots with this dress as it just makes the look a little less cutesy but I have also shown a pair of beaut strappy sandals above as I know that boots are just not everybody's cup of tea. For the finishing touch I have added a little cat ear headband from Penney's/ Primark as let's face it.. who goes to a barbecue without there statement head piece? Losers, that's who (just kidding of course, but I do love this headband).

Now that we've got ourselves a fab outfit it's time to sort the face out. Now of course I believe that all girls are beautiful just as they are and nobody really NEEDS makeup but who doesn't like to get all dolled up?! Putting on my makeup is one of my favorite things about going out. For a barbecue I think it is most appropriate to stick to more neutral shades like nudes, beiges and browns but if you feel like you want a pop of color then by all means go for it girl! Feel free to get creative.

Here is my barbecue ready makeup look.. 

My 'natural' look

My 'natural' look

So above I have used some really neutral shades all over. Wake Me Up concealer under my eyes brightens my face up and gets rid of my not so chic dark circles. My Catrice matte bronzer adds a sun kissed look and I have used it to lightly contour too as it adds a little shape to my round face. As for the eyes, I have used Naked, Buck, Darkhorse, and virgin from my Naked palette by Urban Decay and a layer or two of They're Real mascara by Benefit to top it all of.  

It really is that simple to get a quick summer look together. Summer is all about ease and effortlessness for me as it's too hot to be bothered spending hours getting ready. You want to be out there enjoying the sun and with a cute and cool summer look like the one above you will be enjoying it in style.

Have fun creating your own summer looks, I hope I have helped at least a little, don't be afraid to show off your own style my loves.  

Peace out,