Brand Review: Palm Free Irish Soaps

Hand made, fantastic smell, moisturizing, Irish, and - as the title may suggest - palm oil free. Palm Free Irish Soaps is my new favourite brand of soap products. 

One of the qualities that I look for in every skin-care product I use is good moisturisation. I love how these soaps make my skin feel and I know that you guys will too. As I've mentioned above they also smell absolutely amazing. I've been testing out the amazing lavender, seaweed, lemon, and rosewater flavours for the past month or so and it is soooo difficult to choose a favourite out of the four but I do have to say that I love how fresh and light the lemon scent is and I love anything seaweed-y (see this seaweed baths post) so I think those two are in joint first place at the moment. Having said that, the lavender one is really relaxing, the rosewater is great for it's skin balancing properties so you're a winner no matter which soap you decide to go for. 

Now as many of you may know, palm-oil is not the most rainforest friendly of ingredients and it is used in SO many products, you wouldn't believe it. That is another of the long list of great things about this particular brand of soapy goodness... They are, palm oil free. They are vegan friendly also and free from any of that horrid animal testing.

Check out the Palm Free Irish Soaps facebook page for more info or get in touch with the team based in Scariff, Co. Clare at 089-4444-222.