Brand Review:

So a little while back an employee from the company Firmoo dropped me an email and asked me to let you guys know about their products. They are an online glasses company for prescription lenses. Although I don't actually need glasses I have always thought that the right pair could look really fashionable so I said yes to the email and I got to go to the website and choose my fave glasses. 

The process is really easy. You choose your fave frames from a very fashionable selection and then you enter the prescription lens you need. Easy-peasy. Then once you've added your selection to your cart you're good to go.

The most difficult part of ordering online - for me at least - is waiting for your purchase to arrive. It took about 2 weeks to get my order but considering they customize the lens to your prescription etc. two weeks is no time at all. The glasses I got are a really cool pair of oversized, nerd glasses. I am slightly obsessed. You can check out my pair here. 

P.S. For new customers, your first pair of glasses is free on selected frames so go check them out.