Classic Red Lips & Winged Liner

Hello everybody, 

I currently have false nails on and it's very hard to type... I should've thought this through more carefully considering most of my life revolves around typing these days! Oh well, the post must go on.

So basically I wanted to share how I do one of the most classic looks out there - Red lips & winged liner. I love this look and I instantly feel a little more sophisticated when I wear my make-up like this. I usually do my make-up quite quickly so winged liner is not something I attempt too often but if I'm making a real effort for something I'll find the time to make it work. 

1. Start off by washing, moisturizing and priming your face. I love the Benefit 'Porefessional' primer.

2. Pop a little foundation all over your face. I'm a fan of the Nars 'Sheerglow' for a perfect look but in the image below I'm wearing L'Oreal 'True Match' which is also great. You don't need too much foundation you just want to cover up any patchyness. Then pop a little concealer under your eyes if you've got dark circles like I do.

3. Powder time next. You wanna lock in all the liquid-y make-up by using a matte powder like Rimmel 'Stay Matte'. It'll keep your make-up in place all day long.

4. Add just a little matte bronzer to the areas that would usually get a tan but no need for any harsh contouring with this look.  And then I popped a little pink shimmery blusher by Essence to the apples of my cheeks.

5. For the eyes I've got 'Naked' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette all over my lids and then I attempted liquid liner using an Inglot liquid in black. I will not pretend to be any good at liquid liner flicks. It really is trial and error with me and I just sort of keep putting it on and wiping it off until I am happy with it. Also I pile on the mascara to attempt to cover up my mistakes haha. My mascara is Borjouis Paris

6. My lipstick is Mac 'Russian Red' it'll stay on ALL DAY and it's incredibly pigmented and I can't recommend it enough.

I hope you like this look guys. It's so classic and makes me feel like some kind of fab movie star from the Marilyn Monroe days whenever I wear it.