Copybook Couture

Hi everyone,  

I was feeling a little bit on the creative side today and decided that it would be nice to cover the little copybook that I've bought myself for blog post inspiration on the go.

I love to have a little note pad with me just in case an idea should strike while I'm out. At the same time I felt that it simply wouldn't be right to have my lovely ideas written in to a drab old copy but under the recessionary circumstances I didn't want to spend muchos money on a notebook either... What a dilemma. The compromise that I made with myself was to buy a normal copybook but make it a bit more 'me' by embellishing the cover myself. LOVELY!

This project really is such a simple one. You get your tools together, sit down, and start creating. This is suuuch a good one for if you are trying to make your copybooks for school a little more interesting too. 

Here's what you'll need... 

A copybook, scissors, some A4 sized card, sparkly bits and magazine cut-outs that you love, and of course something to stick it all down with (preferably glue). I actually had no Pritt stick or PVA glue in the house when I sat down to begin the project so I ended up using Sellotape and... wait for it... eyelash glue, standard! 

What you'll need.JPG
Magazine cut-outs.JPG

So now that you have your little creative office space set up it's time to get on with the fun. Start off by covering your copybook in the card or paper that you've chosen - I've gone for a blush pink shade. 

Pink card stuck down.JPG
Plain pink front.JPG

Once you've got your copy covered with your nice plain canvas you can go right ahead and start sticking down your cut-outs and sparkles. I didn't want mine to be too tidy looking so I did some layering kept it naturally shabby-chic. 

Here is how mine turned out... 

Front & Back.jpg

The picture on the left is the front cover and the one on the right is the back. It's not perfect by any means but it's fun and it features some things that I really love i.e. magic, love, animals, food, flowers, fashion, and a cup of tea. So I am one happy bunny with todays creative effort. I would however definitely suggest the use of actual art glue rather than eyelash glue but I mean, a girl's gotta work with what she's got, right?! Another quick and easy way to do something fun like this is to just buy some fab gift wrap and use that - it's way faster and easier if you're under time pressure but still looks great, I used to do it for my school books/ copybooks. 

I would love to here from y'all about some more fun little ideas like this. Let me know how you like to make things a little more 'you'.

Peace out m'dears,