Dark & Vampy

Now, I know that I should be going for the more peachy and pastel shades coming in to this time of year but I love dark lips and black eyeliner too much to give it up just because "I'm supposed to". 

Recently I've been in a dark makeup mood for nights out. I start out by doing my usual base routine. Once I've done that, I like to contour a little using a matte bronzer. For blush I use a really light peach so that it's not too overpowering. There is nothing worse than massive red cheeks. Then I highlight with my favorite highlighter The Body Shop Shimmer Waves. I use a black eyeliner on my waterline and lash-line and smudge loooads of it all over my socket too. I do about 3 layers of mascara for a false lash effect without the trouble of actually trying to put on false lashes. The most stand out part of this look is always the really dark lips so I love this shade, number 170 from Catrice.

What look are you guys rocking on nights out?