"Everybody wants to be a cat"

Hey guys and gals, 

Today I wanted to share an outfit with a little bit of cat-spiration. "Everybody wants to be a cat" after all, well according to Walt Disney's 'The Aristocats' anyway. This outfit is just something a little fun and quirky, but the dark tones keep it somewhat understated. 

Get your favorite pair of black jeans and roll them up at the ends, roll ups are always my fave. Then pop on a black loose string top like the ones for only €4 from Pennys/Primark at the moment. now for the fun bit: Get yourself a cute pair of leopard print pumps or loafers. Or go all out and get the cat print Vans. Pair this with a pair of cat eye shaped shades and to top it all off throw on your cat ear headband. Standard! For that extra special touch of feline energy why not go for a really cute cat-face watch. So adorable and so inexpensive from charmedivy.com. I promise you, you will fall in love with that site, and because nothing is overpriced you wont even have to feel guilty about shopping. Win, win!

I think this outfit is just something a little bit fun and who doesn't love a cat ear headband?

I hope you like the look, let me know what quirky pieces you like to rock.