Film Night Essentials | 2014 Blogger Challenge

So this weeks 2014 Blogger Challenge post topic is: Films. My movie night tend to go a little something like this: 

I wash my face and put on a face mask. I usually make my own using dark chocolate and a few other ingredients (Click here to see my recipe). While the mask is doing it's magic I make myself a hot drink and a snack. At the moment I'm loving hot water with honey and lemon, although I am partial to a really good hot chocolate during the winter. My snack of choice is popcorn. For an extra little treat throw a few Minstrels in to the hot popcorn, they'll go all melty and delicious and be a true joy to much on during the film. 

Before you sit down and get comfy with your snacks, be sure to take off your face mask and throw on your favourite pair of pyjamas. Now for the good part. Pop your fave film in to the DVD player and get cosy. 

What rituals do you guys have for film nights? Let me know in the comments.