Glitter & Gold

Recently I've been toning it down quite a lot with my accessories. During most of last year and in the summer too I was super in to layering loads of jewelry and having far too many rings on. That was cool at the time but recently I've been a lot more about keeping it simple. I tend to wear a lot of black with just one pop of colour (usually my massive red coat) so it's nice to have some form of accessory to keep the look interesting even if I am toning it down. 

When I was younger I really loved  silver jewelry but in the past 5 or so years I've been all about the gold. The photos I've shared on this post are some of my very favourite pieces. The one up top is simple and beautiful. It belonged to my Nana and I love wearing it as a little reminder of her in every outfit. The necklace just below is super cool. It's got three different lengths of gold chain all attached, and then just one simple tear drop faux diamond on the shortest length. I wore it out recently with a black top, black high-waisted jeans, a black leather jacket and some nude, point-toe heels and it looked fab. You could definitely make it work for day or night. I think the three different lengths makes it an interesting piece even though it's so simple.

This little heart bracelet is so cute. I got it for Christmas from my mam. It's from Laura Ashley and it's so dainty and pretty on. It's a rose gold heart with mini diamantes and it's in the centre of a normal gold chain - whats not to love. I wear this one on a daily basis, because, just like my Nana's necklace, it goes with everything. I love how small it is, that dainty quality makes it feel special for some reason. Big costume jewelry can be awesome but it can also feel very cheap at times so it's nice to have a few of these kind of beautiful and delicate pieces around too. What have you guys been accessorizing with? Let me know in the comments.