IBY Meetup + Beautiful New Friendships | ThisIsAineVlogs

Hands up who loves beauty YouTubers? I know I sure do. In the last year or so I've been really in to watching Irish YouTube beauty gals. I'll be honest and say that before this year I didn't really think there were very many of them but I was so wrong. There are quite a few absolutely excellent Irish girls on YouTube and I am so proud to be a part of that community. 

As some of you know I started my YouTube channel this summer. I LOVE making videos even though it can be quite hard work at times. Through that channel I have now met some really amazing gals and I went to a meet-up (#IBYMeetup in the social media sphere) with them this weekend - we all had an absolute ball. 

I will admit that I was very nervous before I met the girls because talking online and clicking in real life can be two extremely different things but I really had nothing at all to worry about. Everyone was such good craic and I honestly have met some great new friends. We had loads to do in Cork; shopping, eating, going for cocktails, 5am chats in the hotel. We were all obsessing over everything in Lush as usual.

The journey down wasn't without a few complications - I wont go in to too much detail but it was a pretty funny trip - the complications just made getting there in one piece even more sweet though. We stayed together in a hotel called 'Vienna Woods' which I would recommend to anyone making a trip to Cork. It's about a €20 taxi journey to the city centre and a lovely quiet getaway. The food was great too and the staff were brill. On the night once we had done all of our shopping and taken our make-up off and then put it back on again - typical beauty bloggers/ vloggers - we headed out on the town. We went to Havana night club and danced all night before heading back to the hotel room for late night chats. It was like we had known one another for years. 

All-in-all we had an absolute blast and there are plenty of vlogs to prove it haha. Check them all out they are so funny and y'all will LOVE them. We were spoiled rotten with amazing goody bags too so I will have a little 'IBY Meet-Up Haul' video up this week at some point. 

Anyway enough of my silly ramblings. Here are the girls channels, make sure you subscribe: Me, Melanie Murphy, DramaticMac, Miriam Mullins, MakupBySaz, Rebecca Nugent, MonsterMakeupXX, TheMakeupChair, FitzNBitz, PrimedAnsPolished, NakedWithoutMyLippy, Riona Cahill, Tara Conroy, XBabyFaceXO, FacesByGrace.