Little Life Update

I’ve been gone from this little blog for a while now. Apologies for that to any those who checked back in to see if I’d posted anything (Notes From Niamh, I’m lookin’ at you, kid). It’s only been a week or two really, but, it feels like much longer. I almost can’t remember how to write. Things have been going on in my world that have left me without the time to post. I’ve got myself a part-time job, I’ve been helping out with some DIT societies stuff - I’m on a committee or two in college, and I’ve just been getting myself back in to a routine and a good headspace in general. I’m finally back in my stride now though so fingers crossed there will be no more impromptu breaks.

I’m excited about what’s to come in the next few months for me. I’m almost at 100 YouTube subscribers and I could not be more pleased (click here to go over and subscribe). My goal was to hit 50 subs but now I have 82 and it feels awesome. I’ve met some amazing people through YouTube too and I can’t wait to hang out with them again. (Check out their channels featured in this blog post). Hopefully the next few months will include a collab or two with some of those new friends. As for - It’s going to be business as usual with my few posts every week. I hope that with constant posting and writing I will gain a writing style that is uniquely my own. I want to better my skills and share even more of the things I love about life, and fashion, and beauty with you guys. I’ve missed my little home on the internet and it feels great to be writing again. Speak to y'all soon.