Inspired By: Courtney Smith + Interview

Courtney Smith is most definitely an inspiration of mine, in career (if y'all ready my about section you will see that she is basically living the life that I dream of) and of course in fashion. Just look at her.   

As a stylist held in high regard at home and abroad, and a regular face on TV3's Xposé Courtney is no stranger to the spotlight. She's been on a red carpet or two in her time and she could certainly hold her own if put in a line up of New York City fashionistas. 

Her style, to me, is a mix of traditional, flattering, and feminine cuts with a twist. The twist being the different textures of interesting fabrics (like lace, faux fur, leather, suede... all the good stuff) and of course pattern & colour.

I am obsessed with the outfit she is rocking in this pic. Check out my high-sreet version below.  You can definitely see bohemian influences in her style a lot of the time as she opts for tan and light colours, feathers, and floaty fabrics. One thing that I really respect Courtney for is her fearlessness when it comes to her style. She will wear what she wants, when she wants, and aint nobody gonna stop her! YOU GO GIRL. 

This outfit is literally perfect. It was for a shoot that she was doing and I spotted it in her 'Style Diary' for TV3's Xposé. Her dress is by Third Floor Fashion, the hat is Christy London, her heels were a New York City purchase so I'm not sure of the brand. I have come up with my own, high-street version of her look, whether you're doing a fashion shoot like Lady C or just chilling in the city with friends this look will do the job:

Dress & Hat - Topshop. Shades - Aldo. Bag & Ring - River Island. Shoes - Lolli Couture. 

I popped Ms. Smith herself a little email the other day asking her a few questions that I though you gals might like to know the answers too. Here is my mini interview with Irelands leading fashionista: 

  • What is your favourite trend of this season? Well it's just beginning Autumn/ Winter season and even though I adore the sun I simply cannot wait until it gets cold enough to wear the killer faux furs coats and gilets. I love textures, I love that whole bohemian vibe and I love to layer so definitely faux furs are on my hit-list his season.
  • Who is your style inspiration at the moment? I have so many. Currently I adore Kate Hudson, The Olsens and Nicole Richie. But I also love looking back at pics of Marianne Faithful and Bianca Jagger.
  • High-street brand you love and designer brand you love? I adore H&M studio collections and a lot of the collaborations or exclusive lines they do. I am also a Zara addict. Higher end I am all about the french labels; Maje, Sandro, The Kooples, Isabel Marant... the list goes on.
  • Any advice for young girls out there who love fashion but are afraid to go for it and let their true personality shine through in their clothing? Experiment in small doses. Don't go full on head to toe in a new trend or look straight away but start introducing items slowly until it eventually becomes a part of you and your personal style and you aren't afraid to embrace it fully. Then you can be brave and have fun.

Well there you have it guys, fashion advice from the gal herself. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I want to send a big thank you to Courtney for answering all my questions and being so lovely and helpful. Keep up to date with her style by following her on instagram & twitter too!