Life's a beach... so why not blog about it?

beachy collage.jpg


Well this is odd, usually if I have something to say I jot it down in 140 characters or less on my trusty pal twitter. Here we are though, on a blog. Starting a blog has been something that I have thought about for some time now, sharing my ideas and opinions with whoever cares to read them and hearing others in return. I don't know when exactly the idea struck me, but it did and here we are. For real though guys, I am truly excited to have finally stepped out of my comfort zone and joined the blogging community and this first post is really just to say hello there. So... HEY Y'ALL!  

My mission for this blog is to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable and loved when they read my posts. Who cares who you are, where you're from or what your deepest secrets and dreams are? You can feel free and above all FIERCE when you are here. No exceptions. 

I am absolutely certain that there will be posts you'll love and others where you just shake your head at the screen and think 'who even is this cray chick' but hey that's what I am all about, many different passions and interests. I aint no one trick pony you know.

So please do enjoy your time here, I certainly intend to.

Speak to you soon,

Shine bright,