"Like autumn leaves" | Why I heart Autumn

Hello loves, 

I know some people are a bit sad that Autumn is here because a lot of the time it brings the unpleasant weather with it. I on the other hand, LOVE it. Sure I will admit that the rain was horrific today but who can deny the pleasure of strolling to the bus stop through the golden leaves in the crisp morning air? It's a refreshing and simply lovely way to start the day.

So, with my love of the season out there I have decided to share with y'all some of the main reasons why I find it so fab... 

1. Autumn fashion is always the best. Ankle boots and patterned tights and cool hats and all the other fab, fun things that come along with the stylish season. It always seems that people make more of an effort around this time of year?!   

2. The crisp chill in the air that makes you want to wrap yourself up like a little burrito. Wooly jumpers and chunky scarves are too perf. 

3. Getting to dress up and act like a kid with your best friends at Halloween- who says 19 is too old to beg for sweets?

4. You have a constant and inexhaustible excuse to drink hot chocolate at all times.  

5. Dark plum lipstick. Enough said. 

6. Autumn/ Winter candle scents win every time. (mmmmm cinnamon and spiced apple) 

Fall Fashion.jpg
Autumn love collage.jpg

So now that y'all know why I love Autumn why not leave me a comment telling me why you love it or if you're not so much of a fan why not share your feelings? 

Stay cool chicks,  


P.S. I've linked a little cartoon video that I quite like of Ed Sheeran's song 'Autumn Leaves', do enjoy!