Make-Up That Lasts All Day

Today I wanted to share some make-up tips that I learned throughout my time at school that help my make-up last longer. Going from class to class and touching your face and rubbing your eyes when you get stressed about not understanding what the teacher is saying (me in maths classes) are all things that contribute to your make-up going patchy or coming off all together during a long hard day at school, college, or work. So here are a few tips and tricks that I like to use to keep my make-up firmly on my face!

1. Start with a primer. I know that some people have zero faith in them but ever since I started using Benefit's 'The Porefessional' I can never turn back. It rocks. It makes sure that your foundation has a smooth base and also helps your make-up last all day. 

2. Powder is essential. I know a few people who just don't wear setting powders and it is so odd to me... how do you not use them?! They give your make-up a nice finished look. You can go for a matte one (like I do) which makes everything look that little bit more finished and polished in my opinion, or you could choose something a little lighter and more sheer to keep your dewy skin shining through. Powder is essential as it locks all of the liquid make-up in. Try 'Stay Matte' or 'Match Perfection' from Rimmel. They're both great. 

3. Finishing sprays. They are great... I've never actually owned one but I have used my friends Urban Decay one on a few occasions and I really like it. The whole idea of a finishing spray is that it just locks all your make-up in so that it wont budge for the day. If your budget is a little on the smaller side, a little cheat that I use (a very bold cheat) is to spray some hairspray over my face once my make-up is complete. This is obviously not good for your skin and you need to make sure that you wash it really well in the morning and evening to make sure that you don't damage it... but I have to say that hairspray works wonders. 

4. If you have slightly more oily skin then I would recommend carrying blotting pads in your bag. They are really easy to use - you just pat them on any oily patches to clear them up during the day. Really easy, and really useful. Essence is a great budget friendly brand and they do blotting pads which I've used and really liked. 

I hope this has helped some of you gals. Do you have any tips for keeping your make-up on? Share them in the comments if you do.