McBusted Concert Outfit & My Childhood Dreams Come True

McBusted was unbelievable. I was a little to young for concerts when Busted were in Ireland 10 years ago, I was just turning 10 years old back then. So, I've waited literally half my life to see them live, and it's finally happened. It is so sureal to see your childhood heroes on stage when you never thought they'd be together again. According to James Bourne (from Busted) it wont be the last we see of himself and Matt Willis (also from Busted); "We came here ten years ago, and I never thought we'd be coming back. But now we have, and we're gonna keep coming back." says James... BUSTED ARE BACK?!?!. I have to say I was close to tears, happy tears, the whole way through the show (especially when J & M did the classic Busted guitar jumps). Anyway, enough rambling. My look was super simple and it was easy to jump around in, which is EXACTLY what you need at a concert. 

My shades are from Aldo, top & shorts both Pennys/ Primark, Shirt is Levi's, and the boots are from AWear. The photography for this shoot is by Niamh of the blog Notes From Niamh
What do you look for in a concert oufit? Let me know in the comments. 

P.S. They support acts were Young Brando, E and E, and Hollywood Ending. They are all absolutely brilliant acts and well worth checking out.