My Fave Mascaras

Mascara is something that means a lot to me - shallow I know. But really tough, fluttering and pretty eyelashes are the easiest way to look awake and look as though you've made an effort even if you really haven't. Also, if, like me, you are not super adventurous with eyeshadow then mascara is a great alternative way to bring attention to your lovely eyes. 

I like to wear a good few layers of mascara even for an everyday look. I am awful at putting on false lashes so I like to layer instead. Pop on a layer of your fave mascara and then wait for it to dry and go again - do this maybe 3 - 4 times for full volume (this will change depending on your lashes and what mascara you're using).

I have had two firm favourite mascaras for a few years now. One is Benefit's They're Real, and the other is Volume Glamour by Bourjois. They are both fantastic in different ways. The Benefit one is quite thick so gives loads of volume and I find the Bourjois one fab for lengthening my lashes so to be honest I tend to use both together. I start with the Volume Glamour and then go in with my Benefit. Both products are really lovely on their own too though so if you only want to use one you'll still look fab, Volume glamour is a steal at about €10 from most pharmacies while Benefit is kind of a luxury buy for me at about the €30 mark. 

Leave me a comment letting me know what some of your fave mascaras are.