My Most Used Products Of Late

Hey gals, so, usually I have all my make-up stored in a huge box and have it all separated in to sections. Each day I would have a look in this box of dreams and decide what look I wanted to go for. Recently however I have had an everyday look stored in a small make-up bag in the top drawer of my locker. Now I do feel bad that I am neglecting the vast majority of my glorious products but I have to say it's been super handy having a ready-to-rock look waiting for me when I wake up. So today I've decided to share three of the most used products from said make-up bag.

Rimmel London 'Extra WOW Lash' mascara is awesome. It really opens up your eyes and gives that really pretty doll eye look when you apply to both the bottom and the top lashes. I will say that it can be a little clumpy, but once you're patient and take your time with it, it looks awesome. Rimmel is super affordable too so everyone's a winner. 

Let's keep talking about the eyes for a sec and just appreciate how loved this 'Eye Soufflé' eye shadow from Essence has been. I use it every day and I have featured it in so many blog posts over the past year and a half or so. I am kind of upset that I've hit pan on this one but I will for sure keep an eye out for something similar before it runs out. This was limited edition a few summers ago but Essence are always repackaging and reinventing old products so hopefully I will see it on shelves before long. I love this beautiful sparkly nude for autumn/ winter.

I know I am always talking about this product but I genuinely do just love it. Kate Moss for Rimmel London in shade '107' is truly a holy grail product for me. It's so beautiful for this time of year and the fact that it is a matte finish is fab because it doesn't need to be reapplied too often during the day. 

What are your most used products recently? Let me know in the comments.