Nail Care

Nail care in my opinion is one of the most important beauty secrets. You could be wearing a fab outfit with perfect hair and make-up and the whole looked could be ruined by chipped nails. I know, I may sound dramatic, but seriously the quickest and easiest way to look like you've made and effort that day is to have clean and filed nails. 

I like to care for my nails by taking off any nail polish that's on them (especially if I've been typing a lot that day and they've chipped). I like to file my nails using a file with a nail buffer and shiner on it just to make sure that my nails are as smooth as possible. Next I just put on a layer or two of Rimmel's  'Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat' which claims to strengthen and protect the nail. This just adds a clear, shiny coat to the nails so they look clean and polished. I've recently started using cuticle oil too because a nail technician once told me that it would make my nails a lot healthier and stop them from breaking so easily. I have definitely noticed a difference since using it. 

Please share with me any nail care tips that you guys have.