Nutritious & Delicious Breakfast

Hey guys, 

Since it's summer time and I'm finished college and am home for the next few months I thought it'd be a good idea to give my body a little TLC. So I've been trying my best to eat a little healthier and get out for walks as much as possible. It's been going quite well so far, obviously I still have the odd hot chocolate here and the odd scone there but on the whole I've been eating a lot healthier. 

My fave breakfast option is porridge. Now, I know that porridge is standard enough and you don't really need a 'how-to' but I like to add a little bit extra to mine and it ends up being really enjoyable and yummy. 

What You'll Need:

Porridge oats. Milk (almond milk, cows milk, goats milk, whatever you like). A red apple. Cinnamon. A banana. Honey.

How To Do It:

Chop your apple. Then, pop your milk and oats in a pot with your apple pieces and a little cinnamon. Heat it over a medium heat until the porridge is cooked. 

Put your porridge in a bowl, chop your banana, and pop the banana pieces and a little honey in to the bowl to top the whole thing off.

This breakfast fills you up for ages. You are getting two of your 5-a-day and it tastes great. There really are no downsides to a good healthy breakfast.