Hey there guys, 

Has everyone heard Katy Perry's newest single 'Roar'? If you are one of the unfortunate souls who hasn't heard the fierce, fabulous new tune then I have shared the music video at the end of this post... You're welcome.

It has become "my song" since I heard it the other day. It's the type of tune that makes you feel strong even if you have been a little blue. Here are some of my fav lines from the song:

"You held me down, but I got up, get ready cause I’ve had enough. I see it all, I see it now. I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR"


"I went from zero, to my own hero"

Katy Perry really is the ambassador for doing it your own way and being your own hero in life, in music and of course in fashion. She really doesn't care what people think. She is concerned only by how SHE feels about the clothes she's wearing and that, ladies and gentlemen is why I love her!

I have attached two of my very favorite of Katy's red carpet looks just for fun and I would just like to add that she is the reason that I want pink hair.. I don't know if I could quite pull that off though!

I will finish off this post by simply listing just five things that Katy has taught me.

1. Be self confident but never cocky. 

2. Curves are perfectly acceptable, in fact they are fabulous.

3. Stay true to you, nobody needs to be a clone of someone else to do well. 

4. Work hard and you'll reap the rewards.


I know this seems like it was more of a Katy fangirl post than a fashion or beauty post but really I think that it is easy to see people around you doing well and feel like you need to become like them to be successful. So for that reason I felt that this post was super duper important. I remember hearing once, "Style is not just fashion, it's character" and that has stuck with me for years because it really is true. Fashions fade and change with every season but your own character and style stay with you throughout your experimentations.

So you do you gurl, be your own hero!

Shine bright,