Rockabilly Style

In usual rockabilly fashion the dress would be tight at the top and kick out in to pouffy fabulousness at the waist but I decided to wear a modern take on that fab rockabilly look with a flowing shirt dress from Pennys/ Primark. This dress is so bloody comfortable. Like... you could eat sweets all day everyday and this would still look good on you and not get uncomfortable due to how flowy it is. It hides a multitude of sins while still allowing you to stand out of the crowd with it's overstated polka dots. LOVE. 

I paired it with this great little leather jacket from Awear which goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and Zara booties. These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes that I own but I very rarely wear them because if the truth be told they do tend to get a little uncomfortable after a while... I still love them though. They add a sophisticated edge to any look while still being fun because of the embellished heel. 

It's coming in to the Autumn now and while it's still quite warm out there is the odd chilly spell every now and again so I opted for black tight to keep me warm. To be honest even if it was warm out I would probably wear tights anyway. I just think that a good pair of black tights are so much more chic than bare legs... but that's just me - you do you gal, if you like bare legs then by all means do your thang honey. 

If you guys have read my blog for a while then you will know that I love a good red lip and eye-liner flick, so, as per usual, that's what I did with my make-up... it also, in my opinion, adds to this modern rockabilly vibe too. 

What are some of your favourite eras in fashion? Let me know in the comments.