Rogue & Co.

01_Rain on the window.JPG

So, a new café/ restaurant has opened up in Roscommon town. It's called Rogue & Co. and it's one of the nicest places I've been in a while. The atmosphere is so friendly when you walk in and it's a really relaxing place to sit for a coffee or some food with friends. I popped in for a coffee and a scone on Saturday while I was waiting for my dad to finish up in the swimming pool.

It was a simultaneously cool and relaxing place to be. The couches were really comfy and home-y feeling, the staff were friendly and the decor is just seriously cool. It's a sort of shabby chic vibe, emphasis on the chic. It is the sort of place that has mismatched furniture, plants, and chalk boards dotted around. Very cute. I took one or two pics while I was there. (I couldn't take too many because people were looking at me like I was a bit strange). 

If any of you have been to Rogue & Co. then let me know what your fave item off the menu is, I wanna try it all. If you haven't ever been here before then be sure to check the place out if you're ever passing through Roscommon town. 


04_Chair & Plant.JPG