Short Hair Really Don't Care

I CHOPPED ALL MY HAIR OFF. Yup I finally did it. You may remember me posting aaages ago about the eternal struggle for me between loving short hair on other people and being far too afraid and attached to my long hair to try the look for myself?! Well, I'm not afraid anymore. 

I have been loving this shorter hair/ long-bob look on all of my stylish, female heroes for a while now but anytime I even thought about getting the chop myself people would tell me not too. "Your hair is such a nice feature on you" and "it's your crowning glory" are things that have actually been said to me. I started believing that my hair was all I really had - SO NOT TRUE. 

In the last few months I feel that I have come in to my own a lot as a person. I am more independent than ever and feeling more comfortable in my own skin with each passing day. I wanted a new hair do to go with my new lease of life and my best friend Eve was so supportive telling me "it'll be a fresh start". So it was out with the dreary old split ends and in with the new, bouncy, full of life and super conditioned gruaige. LOVE IT.