Smile Like You Mean It

I love that picture up there. It was during the summer of 2014 and myself and my best friend were genuinely laughing, no poses, just laughter. That's what I want every day of my life. Here are some things that I find help to keep me happy even if I am super stressed:

Getting outdoors. Simple but effective. A little walk, even if it's just the walk to and from work, helps to clear your head. The fresh air does wonders for a mind that's running itself ragged.

Making time for friends and family. It may seem obvious but when you are constantly thinking about the bills that need to be payed and the hours you MUST work in order to pay them it can be easy to get caught up. Don't isolate yourself, make sure you make time to have some fun and connect with your besties. I always feel heaps better after a cup of tea and a chat with my nearest and dearest. 

Having "me time". Get yourself a cup of tea and load some of your fave TV shows or YouTube videos online. Just sit and relax. No worrying, no making plans, no scheduling your life for at least 30 minutes.

Eating healthily. Again, this may seem obvious and overused, but eating healthily and drinking loads of water cannot be more important. Your body, mind, and skin will thank you for adding loads of fruits, veggies, and agua to your diet. Having said that, if you're feeling a bar of chocolate during your "me time" be sure to have it, there is nothing worse than depriving yourself.

Let me know in the comments what little everyday steps you guys take to stay happy?!