Style spotted at SitC

Hey there guys, 

I don't think I've mentioned it enough on here and Facebook and Twitter and well any other social networking sights I have but.. I was recently in London!  Shocker, I know. While in London I went to a YouTube gathering/ festival called Summer in the City (SitC). There were toooons of people there, and everyone I spoke to was super duper kind. Some of these people were my favorite YouTubers and others, like myself were major fangirls. While chilling at Alexandra Palace (the venue) I noticed that everyone was dressed to impress that weekend and I felt I would be doing you an injustice if I didn't share with you the fab fashion sense of these YouTubers and their fans because gurl, they got styyyle. 

Here are the top looks that I spotted at the event (in no particular order btw). 

There was lots of denim (my fave thing), pops of colour, and greats prints to be seen over the weekend and I for one love the outfit choices of these fabulous ladies so please do take inspiration from them and add your own spin on any of the trends shown above! Get Creative girls..

I would like also to say thank you to all of the gorgeous girls that allowed me to take their pic for this post as I know I probably looked like a bit of a freak asking for your pictures but, y'all have been great sports! 

Thanks for reading,  

Lots of love,