My Summer To - Do List

 Hey guys and gals, 

with only a month left of my first year of college (INSANE THOUGH AAAHHH) I thought I'd make a list of a few things that I want to do during the holiday. Now, I went to boarding school, so a lot of my best friends live quite a journey away from me which means that usually I spend the summers at home not really doing anything fun or productive. This summer is gonna be different. I am setting myself some goals...

1. Go on a holiday with my friends (either in Ireland or abroad). I love the idea of a girly trip with my best mates, whether it be a day or two at the beach in Mayo or a sunny holiday in Spain. Can you imagine how many selfies would be taken?! haha. 

2. Find a job or internship within the media industry, i.e. a TV network, radio station, or newspaper/ magazine. I want to get all the experience I can so that I am super employable and appealing within the industry when I leave college, there is no better time to get this experience than in the Summer when I don't have classes or projects to stop me. 

3. Get healthy. I seriously need to start looking after myself a little better, and that means that I need to be sure that all the food and drinks that I put in to my body are nutritious and beneficial. I want to use the summer to get myself in to a food and exercise routine that I will be able to continue all year round. This is probably a bit optimistic knowing me hehehe.

4. Out with the old and in with the new! I want to redecorate my bedroom at home so that I have a nice chill out space to relax in when I come home from college, also it'd be cool to have a pretty room as the background for some YouTube videos that I may or may not have decided to do ;) hehe stay tuned to find out more. 

5. Continuing on the topic of changing things up - I'd love to have a clear out and revamp of my wardrobe. I want to donate or recycle any clothes that I haven't worn in ages or that simply don't look great on me. I will of course keep the items that I wear quite often or that I love, and I might even revamp some of them too so keep your eyes peeled for up-cycling tutorials throughout the summer months. 

So that's what I have so far, all of this will be starting around the end of May/ beginning of June when I've moved home for the Summer so keep an eye on me and make sure you give out to me if I'm not doing these things - I need y'all!!!!!!!! Let me know in the comments what you guys are going to do this summer or if there is something else you think I should add to my list. 

I'm gonna leave you guys with a song that I love at the moment, and it has a really chill, summery vibe - THAAAANKS to my girl Adele for linking it to me a while ago!