Sun's no longer in the air but I still got salt in my hair

Hey there lovelies,  

So it's almost back to school time, and here in Ireland that means our coats are zipped up to our necks and everyone gets their wooly tights out for the fast approaching winter. But.. what if we could have just a little taste or reminder of Summer all year round? Think that's just too good to be true? Think again. 

All summer I have been loving L'Oreal Paris, Studio Matt & Messy salt spray. It's the perfect product to add texture and life to your hair when it is feeling just a little flat. It is super easy to achieve a tousled beachy look with this spray. Just give your hair a wash and then once you've dried it as normal spray a little of this salty wonder through it and give your hair a little tousle with your fingers and voilà you have achieved a gorge textured do.  

This spray is also great for when you are styling your hair in an up style or curling it as it encourages the look to hold longer, like a styling spray or powder would. This product is essential for any lady who likes to be a little bohemian chic all year round, and at just over €4 from Boots Pharmacies there really is no excuse for lifeless hair anymore ladies.. even in Winter! 

Enjoy your fab hair and get in touch to let me know what you think,  



Photographed by me. 

Photographed by me.