The International Make-up Academy | Week 1

Hey beauties, 

This weekend I started my very first class at The International Make-up Academy in Dublin. IT WAS AMAZING. I had so much fun, and if I wasn't obsessed enough with make-up already I certainly am now! 

There are eight of us on the course altogether. We started the day by having a little chat about who we were why we had decided to do the course (just to get to know one another a little better). The fantastic Anne Morrissey is our teacher for the course. She has amazing amounts of professional make-up artistry and teaching experience and is the perfect person to guide us through the course. 

We were creating Geisha, and Elizabethen looks in that first class so we learned a cool trick for blocking out eyebrows and the best was to deal with using white make-up (which can be muy difcil). I may recreate the looks here on the blog some day so y'all can see what we learned. 

I am SO beyond excited for our next class.