The International Make-up Academy | Week 3

I love make-up too much for my own good, I'm afraid I may be just a tad obsessed with the whole concept of it and the whole industry and the fact that you can be as mundane or as creative as you like with each look. Everyday there is something different to be done, and this Saturday was certainly different alright. I made my first attempt at Drag Queen make-up in that class. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I think that I would genuinely be perfectly happy doing Drag Queen make-up all day everyday if you asked me to. So much colour, so much vibrancy and glamour, SOOOO OTT. What's not to love? I found this class majorly interesting because it was such a creative outlet for me to just be able to be as bold and creative as I felt necessary. One thing I learned is that you've gotta keep a close eye on your time constraints though, you wouldn't believe how quickly the time can pass while you're blending away. Below, are a few pics of the look that I created, it's not the most intricate Drag Queen look I've ever seen but I thought I'd play it safe skill wise for my first go and just use the colour to make it stand out. I loved how different everybody's looks turned out too, no two Queens looked similar at all... here's my look. 


01_Me + Model B&W.jpg
02_Drag Side.jpg
03_Drag Front View.jpg