The Perfect Pair | 2014 Blogger Challenge

Hey y'all, 

This weeks 2014 Blogger Challenge post is all about the perfect pair. As soon as I heard this was the title one thing, and one thing only popped in to my little make-up drenched mind... Nude & Sparkles. That in my opinion is the perfect combination. There is nothing quite so glamorous as nude with a little bit of sparkle whether you're talking about shoes, clothes, accessories, or - like in this case - nail and lip colours. 

You see the nude lipstick and sparkly lip gloss trend on every celebrity known to man-kind. Think Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Lucy Hale, Eva Longoria, Jen Lawrence, Demi Lovato... the list goes on. All of these fierce and fabulous ladies have rocked the trend on many occassions. So why not follow in some A-List footsteps and go for the easy-to-wear trend yourself. 

My fave nude lip colour combo at the moment is Kate Moss For Rimmel in shade '03' with some of MAC's 'Social Light' over it.

When it comes to nails (I love matching lips and nails) I tend to go for an all Rimmel look. I just think that the Rimmel nail polishes are great, as you can see in this 60 second manicure post. The colours that I use for this nude look are '60 Second Manicure' in '500 Caramel Cupcake' on all of my nails and then I choose one feature nail to use 'Space Dust' in '03 Aurora'. The Space Dust colours are really amazing and give 100% sparkle coverage in 1 - 2 coats. 

Let me know in the comments what your "Perfect Pair" would be.