Vintage Shopping At Purple Circle

Fashionable ladies of the west of Ireland... if you are looking for a place to find a really unique and beautiful piece for all occasions, look no further. Purple Circle Vintage in Castlerea, run by Interior Designer Edel is your one-stop-shop to fab and affordable fashion.

The vibe is warm and inviting when you walk into the shop. Everything is displayed impeccably, with a quirky and cute theme... but then again, with Edel's background as an interior designer there is no surprise there.

Most importantly though, the clothes! I have been in to the shop twice now and have loved almost every piece both times. There are patterns, textures, colours, shapes to suit everyone and you will not be disappointed if you pop in. 

One of the main issues that a lot of people have with vintage clothes is that they feel uncomfortable wearing something that is seen to be too "out there"/ a statement piece, but I've always found that wearing a really cool and vibrant vintage piece (no matter whether it's got padded shoulders, bright colours/ patterns) can be quite easy as long as you know how to wear it. For example: there is no point buying a suit from the 80s and wearing it as it would have been worn back then. You'll get lots of attention, but for all the wrong reasons. So, my advice would be to wear the blazer of the suit with some skinny jeans and heels. Making older pieces work with newer pieces is what vintage shopping is all about. 

I love the feeling of knowing that i am probably not about to run in to someone wearing the same outfit as me because I haven't just purchased from a chain-store. Vintage is the way forward folks... get shopping!