I've Been Shopping

Hey gals and guys, 

On Monday afternoon I went shopping because I have been seriously missing my usual black skinny jeans from my wardrobe for the past few weeks. I was a woman on the edge without them. So I hopped on the 37 and took myself off to Grafton Street for a look around. My first stop was River Island where I had spotted a cool pair of boots a few weeks ago, so I went in to check the price. My shopping style is that I go to all of the shops to scope things out and then sit down and have a coffee (preferably in Butlers) and decide what I will buy out of all the puuurdy things I had seen. I saw a good few bits that I really liked but I managed to get the list of purchased items down to just four essentials. Amazing what you can do over a cup of hot chocolate. I got a really cool pair of leather, tasseled boots from River Island, €60. Also from River Island, a royal blue and mustard yellow button up shirt, €33, and a black, oversized, silky top, €26. In Warehouse I picked up a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans for only €40 - Bargainous. Charity shopping with Taz happened the next day... I managed to find two great pieces in Vincent's charity shop on George's Street on our hunt for cool clothes. I got a fab, black, furry coat for €30 and a Paisley print blazer for €16, the blazer came with a matching skirt which I gave to Taz (we will more than likely end up matching in college by accident some day soon). I am obsessed with my new bits, I hope y'all like 'em too. Let me know what styles you'll be rocking in the coming weeks. Oh and don't forget that all students get a 10% discount in River Island at the moment, I think it's for a limited time only though so get shopping. 


P.S. The black jeans and black furry jacket were both too dark and so wouldn't photograph very well but I did what I could with the rest of the clothes. 

01_Tassled Boots.jpg
02_Patterned Shirt.jpg
03_Black Top.jpg
04_Paisley Pattern.jpg