What's In My Bag: Internship Edition

Hey guys, 

Summer time is the perfect few months to get some work experience in and start making contacts in your chosen field. I am going to be working with a radio station in the west of Ireland while I'm on my summer break from college. I love watching 'What's In My Bag' videos on YouTube, mainly because I'm a little nosey. But, I thought it'd be helpful for anyone else who is starting an internship soon to see what I think are the necessities. 

Now I've never been one to pack light but in the interest of saving face and not getting flustered looking for things in my bag in front of my new bosses I'm just bringing the bare essentials. 

Phone. Inhaler. Shades. Money. Earphones. lipstick. Pen & Paper. 

All of these things are must haves for me always. My phone helps me feel safe and connected with the world and also if you need to take down a quick memo or google search something on the spot it's a life saver. I strongly suggest that you don't waste work time texting, tweeting, or making personal calls however, your bosses wont thank you for it. 

If, like me you have an illness like asthma that you take medicine for on a daily basis then be sure to have that with you at all times. You don't want to forget your medication and feel uncomfortable or be in pain all day.

Shades & earphones are more for the journey to work. I will be getting to the station via train everyday so music is always necessary and it's summertime so the shades are for if the sun ever decides to peek it's head through the clouds here in Ireland. Also you gotta have some funds with you in case you head out for lunch or, like me, you gotta get public transport to and from work.

Pen & paper are VITAL especially in the first few days. You want to be able to take a quick note here or there on new things that you're learning. I know I said before that you can take notes on your phone but if the battery dies and you don't have a 'plan B' then you're screwed. 

Finally, lipstick. It's important to put the best version of yourself forward so that they know that you are a capable and confident young person. If that takes reapplying your lipstick during your break then so be it. Looking polished is just good manners, and also it'll make you feel better inside to know that your pout looks perf.