What's In My Bag: ITWBN // Conferenece Edition

I love a good 'what's in my bag' post or video so why not share with you lovelies what I had with me for the ITWBN Meet-Up. A lot of these items will be great for any kind of conference or event where you'll be traveling loads, be gone all day, and need to take notes and all that jazz.

The Essentials: 

Camera - Canon 600D. It is amazing for both stills and film.  Make-up - It's so important to look and feel fresh throughout the day.  Keys - Essential for obvious reasons. Headphones - I like to have a little boogie during the bus journey. Money - Gotta pay for all this transport somehow I guess. Who else is obsessed with my tasseled Juicy Couture purse BTW?!  Hand sanitizer - Because I can be a bit of a germ freak, especially when it comes to public transport & toilets. My inhaler - For obvious reasons. It would not have been ideal to have an asthma attack in the middle of The G Hotel now would it?!

Notebook & day planner - To take note of all of the tips and tricks I picked up at the event and to write down contact info etc. of new bloggers and companies I was meeting and hearing about. I am pretty old school like that. My fave pens are the purple or the black ones from Muji. They are so lovely to write with.


I didn't bring a full face, just some bits and bobs for blending and touching up throughout the day.

My Real Techniques concealer and foundation brushes, Bare Minerals powder foundation and Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer kept me shine free and kept any imperfections at bay. Once my base was looking flawless I added a little of The Body Shop's Shimmer Waves to my cheeks with my Blank Canvas brush for a healthy glow. I didn't add any more product on to my eyes but I did have a little blending brush with me to blend out the product that I already had on. I like to keep my Benefit They're Real mascara on hand too. Most important of all, my lippy, it's so annoying when it gets to the stage where your glass is wearing more lipstick than you are so I always like to have my colour of the day with me for such moments. On the day I was wearing a nude Wet N' Wild matte lipstick & Chanel lipgloss.