My Favorite Book | 2014 Blogger Challenge

"Yer a wizard Harry", that was the line that shaped my childhood in so many ways. I LOVE the Harry Potter series, I always have. I feel like they are books that never grow old, I loved them when I was a kid and I still love them now, I will most likely love them forever. 

A collection of witty, enchanting, books through which we follow Harry and his friends on all of their adventures throughout their school years. There is something uniquely satisfying about a group of misfit teens defeating evil and saving the wizarding world!  With every book that was added to the series J.K. Rowling never let us down. For me the series was always a great way to escape from the mundane, everyday, "muggle" world in which we live.

I think that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (book number 2) is probably my favorite of them all, with my man Ron Weasley stealing a flying car... how badass of him. This is also the book in which we are introduced to everyones favorite house elf, Dobby! My heartbreak was real when he died in the last book (spoiler, I know). 

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my favorite book series' with y'all today. I used to read SO much and over the last few years have just been too busy to sit down and open a book, but I am vowing here and now to read a lot more this year. I would love to hear some of your book recommendations to get me started so please do get in touch!


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