A Weekend At Ashford

Last weekend I had the pleasure of becoming godmother to a little boy who, to me, is the most fantastic human on the planet and my best friend for the rest of my life. As if that wasn't enough of a treat I got to have that pleasure while looking out at the beauty of the grounds of Ashford Castle. We have some great family memories in Co. Mayo and I always love a little trip down there. Living in Dublin in fantastic but it is always a beautiful treat to head back west every now and again. As I'm having a lovely lazy Sunday here in my little Dublin apartment I just wanted to share some of the scenery around Ashford Castle with you guys. 

Happy Sunday. 

Outfit // 17.09.14

What is it a girl needs after a long day of college? Retail therapy of course! Well, in my case, window shopping due to lack of funds. Thanks to Stephen McPadden for photographing my outfit while I shopped; check him out on Twitter & Instagram

It's still quite warm in Ireland at the moment but autumn is all about layering so I've tried to layer lighter fabrics in order to incorporate the two. Also, I've chosen to go light on the make-up as it's not really necessary to be too dolled up during classes.

Outfit // 05.09.14

This outfit was for being at home, visiting the family, wanting to be comfy but need to be polished - it did the trick. This lace dress is from RI's 'Chelsea Girl' collection and I love it for being a LBD that you can wear day or night. I have paired it with my denim jacket to bring a more summery vibe in to the look as it's still warm-ish here. These Zara boots were never the most comfy things I own but the studded heal brings me too much joy to leave them behind.